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Who is she?
Where did they find her?

Originally from Ireland I moved to England at 18 for university and much to my Mother’s horror I fell in love with an English man and from then on England was my forever home. 


Coming from a family of creatives it was no surprise that I too found my passion with a creative career. 

My Grandpa was a photographer , my dad a well know Irish Artist and songwriter.   Creativity, it seems, runs deep in my DNA.

I have a huge passion for fashion photography and am lucky enough to have my own photo  studio in Leeds.  Most weekdays I am here shooting model portfolios, family sessions as well as brand photography.


This style naturally comes through in my wedding work and I tend to shoot with more of an editorial eye creating magazine style imagery. 


Working with fashion brands I am used to fast paced shooting so during a couples session I am well trained to think on my feet so we can whizz through it giving you more time to celebrate with family and friends.  I do not want to be that photographer that takes you away  all afternoon meaning you have no time to mingle.


My aim is to create art for your home.  I want your walls filled with your wedding shots.  I want you to be showing these photos off to everyone you come into contact with, printed out, splashed everywhere.  If not, I haven’t done my job properly.  


Word of warning , you will see me pulling odd faces throughout the day…I promise this isn’t a resting bitch face …this is ‘how can I play with this light for an incredible image ‘  face.


A second word of warning,  I tend to cry at most weddings. Sorry not sorry!!! I am a passionate person and when I feel the love I can’t help tear up my self. 


If you have got this far you must like the sounds of this Irish emotional creative… the next step is to book a zoom...

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